Auto Accidents

Auto accidents can be traumatizing both during the incident and after. Additionally, they can create physical problems and financial burdens for years to come. If you or someone you love has been affected by any type of auto accident, you may be eligible for compensation. Although no amount of money can undo the suffering that has been endure, it can help mitigate the costs associated with medical expenses, loss of wages, property loss, emotional distress, pain and suffering, as well as other general damages. In order to qualify for these damages, you need the help and expertise of a trusted legal advisor. Although not every auto accident requires legal action, it is important to be aware of your rights in every situation.

At The McMahon Law Firm, we offer comprehensive legal services for a full range of auto accidents, personalized to your specific scenario. Our experience encompasses all areas of auto accidents ranging from 18 Wheeler Accidents, Commercial Vehicle Collisions, Drunk Driving Accidents, to Bus and Taxi accidents. No matter what kind of vehicle accident you have been involved in, The McMahon Law Firm should be your first call. With years of experience serving the greater New Orleans area, and the entirety of Louisiana, The McMahon Law Firm has the experience necessary to maximize its client’s recovery.

We are committed to providing the very best legal representation available. Results are important to us. In cases related to personal injury & workers compensation, we won’t charge you a dime until we settle your case. If you do not recover, we do not get paid.

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